Environmental safety&Health

36o彩票导航彩票走势图 www.lwjom.icu When environmental protection has become an international issue, it is our policy that we ensure all our activities world-wide are conducted safely; the health of our employee, our customers and the public will be protected; use the green process in order to cause waste water and gas as less as possible; make continuous improvements to safety, health & environment protection; environmental performance will meet contemporary requirements; operate as a responsible neighbor and part of the community. Our test service can provide the information necessary to manufacture potentially dangerous compounds, safely alleviating the potential risk of manufacturing effects and facilities.
◆We have been certified as ISO14001 and OHSAS18001 in Dec, 2007.

Dragon Group is committed to the following:

- By technology innovation, scientific management, continuous improvement to meet and exceed customer’s expectation.
- Strictly meet all local and national regulatory requirements.
- Priority is prevention. Decrease waste discharging, decrease the risk during production procedure.
- Devote to green/safety design, reasonable use of resources.
- Properly handle the waste. Ensure the safety facility and management for hazardous chemicals.
- Promote Heath Safety & Environment (HS&E) education, improve employee’s thinking.
- Continuously improve HS&E management performance for company’s development in long-term.

◆Concerned with waste treatment, e.g. using distillation tower for re-extracting solvents.

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