Equipment list

36o彩票导航彩票走势图 www.lwjom.icu In our development of more than 20 years, Dragon chemical group gradually update the capacity of service, from only trading in the beginning of company-starting to focusing on quality analysis and technology R&D, to push out strong commercial production, which accompany with more and more advanced instruments and equipments uses.

Pilot plant equipment

  • reactor: 50-1000L*16
  • centrifuges: Φ450*1
  • filter: 2-5m2*4
  • condenser: 1m2*3
  • recrystallization: 50-500L*4
  • distillation tower: D200*3000mm
  • other necessary equipment: vacauum, air compressor, glass condenser, waster gas absorption, dryer and etc.

Main equipment

  • reactor: 500l-12500L*160 -10-300℃, 10mmHg-7.5Mpa GL/SUS/CARBON-STEEL/STEEL-Titanium
  • rectification&condenser: 5-40 m2*40 SUS/GL/Titanium
  • receivers&storage tanks: 0.2-60m3*120
  • PVC&FRP/PVC/Carbon steel/Aluminum/GL
  • Vacuum equipment: 180-280m2/h*20 PP/SUS
  • Air compressor: 0.9-6.0m3/min. 0.7MPa*13
  • Grinder: 300-1000kgs/hr.*12
  • Mixer: 1.5-8m3*10

Separation equipment:

  • press filter: 5-100m2*18 PP frame/wing
  • isotherm filter: 5 m2*15 titanium/SUS/PP
  • vacuum filter: 2.0-6.6 m2*14PP/carbon-steel/steel-ceramic
  • centrifuges: Φ 1000*20 SUS/steel-rubber
  • distillation tower: D36/50*900cm*5(60theoretical plates) D30*1500cm*3(80 theoretical plates)


  • vacuum dryer: 1.5-3.0m3*8 GL
  • hot wind circulation heater: 30 m3 * 8multi-layer rack
  • static vacuum drying room: 200kgs/day * 2 SUS/aluminum
  • static hot wind circulation heater: 800kgs/day * 4 SUS/aluminum

Q/A&Q/C equipment

  • 20*HPLC
  • 4*GC
  • 2*AAS
  • 1*ICP
  • 2*UV-VIS
  • 3*automatic potential titration
  • 5*automatic PH detector
  • 3*M.P./B.P. test device
  • 12*fast moisture test device
  • 3*KF mositre test device
  • 1*mercury test device
  • 1*turbidity test device

Further methods:

  • surface tension measurement and ion chromatography can be carried out at Zhejiang University
  • GC-MS can be carried out at Zhejiang University of Technology
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> QA&QC Equipment
> Production Management
> QC management
> HSE management
> Quality management
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