Dragon-chem FAQ

36o彩票导航彩票走势图 www.lwjom.icu For our customers expecially the new comers, they always want to know some actual situation of maker, like what we(Dragon-chem) could supply?

Through our sum-up in many years, we release some questions frequently asked by our customers, mainly by those new partners

1, Are you a maker or trader?

Yes, we mianly produce hair dyes colorant, polymer monomer, chemical intermediates including dyes, pigment, Pharmaceutical, Agrochemical, Imagin&Photo Film etc. And another important advantages is Custom manufacturing, which will be our future impotant branch.
Meanwhile, we are also a successful trader of near 30 years history.
It is ok to supply trade items of satisfactory quality by our pre-test in your MOA.
In fact, many matured customers fully trust us and reuqire us to do like this for many years.

2, Are you ISO14001 certificated?

Yes, we are certified ISO14001 and OHSAS 18001 since 2007.
Besdies we certificated our management for ISO9001:2000.

3, Do you use any special equipment?
Please see the Equipment list in our web-page.

4, Do you have any interest in agent set up in rising countries.

We are glad to cooperate with any sincere partners with stable credit standing and support our customers fully,
If any, please conatct us directly for checking.

5, Do you offer process optimization services?

With regards to the synthesis process used in our laboratories, we take a practical approach to manufacturing and conduct examinations to increase efficiency. We deliver the highest quality products, on time and on budget, chinese and international pharmaceutical or other laws. Reactions are conducted safely and we pride ourselves on our environmental policy.For any chemicals we can not manufacture, we are happy to propose other methods to best achieve your goal.We honor and respect the confidentiality of our clients and their products and observe Non-Disclosure agreements on a regular basis.
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